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Our Objective is to take our products to poor and in need COUNTRIES at South America, Africa, Asia and Europe and donate it to the poor population.

We are a company focused in not only paints, but also innovative paints that can fulfill an important social role. We try to get some problems that we find at our day-by-day experience and daily news focused on mostly poor Countries and try to help with the paints, aggregating social and technology.

We are offering new tools to prevent and treat deadly diseases with our repellent and insecticide paint and the hygienic paint, so a person can paint his house and stay safe of diseases caused by insects, like Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever, and many others.

Other paint that has an objective to help social is the Phosphorescent paint, where you paint a sign at road floor for example and at night will glow. Imagine a road in many poor’s countries at South America, Africa, Indonesia and many others, where your don’t have electric light, by a matter of infra-structure, or lack of money, and at night you don’t see anything, with many cars accidents. Our paint will light a signal on the sides of the road and at the middle to guide people and save energy as you will not need and spend electric energy at all, it works absorbing any type of UV light (sun light for example) and will liberate glow at dark for many hours (10 hours).

But we are dealing with high technology that requires a lot of investment, expensive raw materials and equipment’s, that’s why we are applying for donations to be able to donate our products to the poor people, to continue this social project we need money to do that.

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